Mint Green Tee

It was such a nice day outside to enjoy a cup of coffee and just do nothing. This is why I love wearing tees because you can always dress it down or up depending on your mood. I love this mint green version especially for spring season. However, a lot of people actually don't like this color. or are hesitant to try it. My sister is actually one those people who tells me she absolutely hates because it reminds her the color of "medicine." I, for one, don't see this nor have I seen any recent medicines that resemble this color.

 Mint green is the new nude for pastels. It's such a cool color that anyone can pull it off. Trying wearing a crazy printed pants or even a colored pair of shoes to dress it up. You can even wear a simple black flats or a beige oxfords to keep cool and simple.

Top: Gap
Jeans: Topshop
Necklace: H & M
Shoes: Zara
Watch: Nixon

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