Crop Sweater

I love weekends because I can wear whatever makes me comfortable--a crop sweater is a must.
However, I still like dress up my look by wearing some cool funky accessories. I usually layer my necklaces like the one I'm wearing here. Isn't this sunglasses necklace pretty cool?! And you've probably seen this triangle necklace in my other posts that I wear it a lot. It was such a good buy at H & M: a three piece set that only cost $15 and you can wear them separately. Finally, an arm candy to finish the whole look.

Crop Sweater: Boutique store from Hong Kong
Crop Sweater Alternatives: Organic by John Patrick (La Garconne), Topshop, Nastygal
Top: Gap
Triangle necklace: H & M
Other Accessories: Please click here to visit the facebook page


Mint Green Tee

It was such a nice day outside to enjoy a cup of coffee and just do nothing. This is why I love wearing tees because you can always dress it down or up depending on your mood. I love this mint green version especially for spring season. However, a lot of people actually don't like this color. or are hesitant to try it. My sister is actually one those people who tells me she absolutely hates because it reminds her the color of "medicine." I, for one, don't see this nor have I seen any recent medicines that resemble this color.

 Mint green is the new nude for pastels. It's such a cool color that anyone can pull it off. Trying wearing a crazy printed pants or even a colored pair of shoes to dress it up. You can even wear a simple black flats or a beige oxfords to keep cool and simple.

Top: Gap
Jeans: Topshop
Necklace: H & M
Shoes: Zara
Watch: Nixon


Printed Pants

I went to the South Coast Plaza Mall yesterday and I couldn't help but take a picture with the balloons that I always see when I pass by there. I just love all the colors; all the blues, reds, and pinks mixed together. I wish I could see them fly up like how the old man from the movie, "Up" did it.

Wishful thinking aside, I pulled this classic white polo look and made it more modern by pairing it with a printed pants. Though I was ambivalent on trying this trend, I'm happy with how this outfit turned out. Also, I could definitely see this pants as a part of wardrobe staple for this spring. If you are like me who doesn't want her thighs to look like a big tree trunk or look like someone from a circus act, try wearing a subtle print like the ones I'm wearing or a watercolor print. Opting for a smaller print instead of a bold or large printed pants would de-emphasize all the things that you want to hide--big hips and thighs.

Top: St. John's Bay
Pants: Gap
Pants Alternatives: ASOS, Club Monaco, Gap
Bag: H & M
Watch: Marc Jacobs
Shoes: Yosi Samra


Camo Style...

...is not so subtle after all.

This weekend was all about catching up with friends and making new ones along the way. We all met up at the Grove and had a blast shopping and finally deciding to try Umami Burger, which I thought was really good; I died and gone to burger heaven when I tasted their "Truffle Burger." I would definitely recommend it for any burger lovers.

In spirit of good fun, I pulled this outfit together. Instead of being in disguise, I knew I would stand out with this sweater. I had the phrase, "urban jungle" in my head when I pulled this piece together. I layered a light pink button down shirt with the sweater, added a few necklaces and finished it off with a pair of chunky black pumps to juxtapose a kind of edgy-feminine look.

Sweater: boutique from Hong Kong
Alternatives: Forever 21, Matches (Alexander McQueen), ASOS (Equipment)
Button Down Shirt: J-Crew
Jeans: Topshop
Sunglasses: Ray-Ban
Necklace: H & M
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White Tee

Today was one of those rare moments where I was lucky enough to enjoy a perfect sunny day. Though most would say the sun always shines in California, this is not true. For the past few days, it has been pretty gloomy in the mornings. In the next few days, we're also expecting some strong winds. So, I grabbed this chance to wear what I want and wore my favorite white tee.

Most would say a simple T-shirt is a fashion staple. However, most don't wear plain old T-shirts because they don't know the right fit for them. I've seen a lot of people who wear smaller sized shirts because they think it accentuates their body when it's actually emphasizing their "love handles." On the other hand, wearing a big shirt may cover all the things that you don't want to show, but it also hides all your assets.

Pick the right one for you and you won't ever regret buying a shirt like I did when I found this perfect white tee. It's not only budget friendly, a white tee goes with everything. I wanted to show it off, so I pulled this outfit together. Besides this tee, I think I fell in love with this necklace. I already know it goes well with my tee, but I could definitely imagine it with a dress or even a silky blouse.

top: Gap
leggings: Angl
shoes: Target
accessories: click here to inquire on the Facebook page.