Camo Style...

...is not so subtle after all.

This weekend was all about catching up with friends and making new ones along the way. We all met up at the Grove and had a blast shopping and finally deciding to try Umami Burger, which I thought was really good; I died and gone to burger heaven when I tasted their "Truffle Burger." I would definitely recommend it for any burger lovers.

In spirit of good fun, I pulled this outfit together. Instead of being in disguise, I knew I would stand out with this sweater. I had the phrase, "urban jungle" in my head when I pulled this piece together. I layered a light pink button down shirt with the sweater, added a few necklaces and finished it off with a pair of chunky black pumps to juxtapose a kind of edgy-feminine look.

Sweater: boutique from Hong Kong
Alternatives: Forever 21, Matches (Alexander McQueen), ASOS (Equipment)
Button Down Shirt: J-Crew
Jeans: Topshop
Sunglasses: Ray-Ban
Necklace: H & M
Bracelets: Click here to inquire on Facebook page

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