Chinese New Year!

Happy Chinese New Year! Gung Hay Fat Choy!

It's a start of a new year and what better way to spend it than to go to the heart of it all...in Chinatown. I went to see the Dragon Dance parade with some of my friends and I thought it was going to be a long morning (trouble finding parking, jostling people to move etc.), but I was surprised that it was a very good day. It bodes well for my new year.

Although I wore red that day, I wanted to give people some fashion inspirations on what to wear or get for the new year. In our own Chinese tradition, wearing something polka dots will bring you good fortune. You may find this an unusual superstition, but the round shape is supposed to signify prosperity. Although it may be silly tradition, I always try to follow it in some way, plus it makes a nice fashion statement. Try J Crew's polka dot button down over a cobalt blue sweater like the one featured here. For those who get squeamish on just the thought of wearing something polka dots, maybe try a polka dotted underwear or even show off your phone for the new year. Lastly, wear some new pajamas to get rid of any negative energy. Although I don't know if any of these are true or not, but it is a good reason as any to shop.

1. Acne Misty Zipped Stretch Knit Sweater ($370)
2. J Crew Polka Dot Popover ($78)
3. Kate Spade iPhone 5 Case ($40)
4. Olivia Von Halle Alba Edie Printed Silk Satin Pajama Set ($455)

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