Urban Jungle

Another week has flown by and I didn't even notice it. Sometimes, I think I take it for granted that I would have another day to do the things that I need to do. I know I admit it, "I'm a procrastinator." I always plan ahead, but never them until the very last minute. I'm actually in the middle of doing something, but this "rut," I'm in also inspired me to create this outfit. 

I named this piece, "urban jungle," as a way to unleash all those doubts and fears. I am that animal who has to cope with the pressures of everyday life. Everyone has probably felt this way, one time or another, but I wanted to share with you my way of overcoming this. For me, it's about living a more creative life whether it's a hobby (e.g. painting or knitting) or expressing yourself through an outfit. In this look, I wore an animal printed button down shirt, paired it with a bright red lipstick and black gladiator sandals.

Top: Forever 21
Top Alternatives: Equipment ($110), Forever 21 ($22.80), Zara ($79.90)
Jeans: Topshop
Shoes: Boutique store from Hong Kong
Shoes Alternatives: Brian Atwood ($325), ASOS ($36.58), Tory Burch ($285)
Accessories: click here to inquire on the facebook page or you can send me a message here.

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