I haven't posted anything in a while probably because it was a lot more work than I thought it was going to be. It was becoming impossible to get pictures of my daily looks (unless I hired a photographer that would shadow my every move). I wonder if that's how style bloggers live now a days? That only makes this even more intimating.

Nevertheless, I'm giving this another try. If I'm going to do this, I'm going to do it BETTER. But, I need to think this through that means solving a few things. 

1. How do I post quality pictures that doesn't require a photographer? 

-Well, I could ask people to take pictures of me, but that is actually getting harder to do. You would think your own sister would do it, but no, they wouldn't. You could ask a friend to do it, but somehow it gets harder to tell them again and again to get a better angle (you just sound vain and conceited). I could keep taking selfies but that wouldn't capture the whole look (Again, you are only validating your own narcissism). This leaves me with only one other option and that is to invest in a tripod and a remote control to take pictures of myself. 

2. How to tell my story? 

-I always find it hard to say why I chose my outfit or what makes it great. I've thought about how I could do this and I thought to myself, "I should check out my competition." This means getting lost in these amazing style blogs and see what they are doing right. This should give me a general idea of what to write about. I've heard a lot of great things about Madewell's blog "Madewell Musings," so I'm going to scope them out first and see if that will inspire me to write my own story. 

3. How do make myself stand out? 

-There are probably a thousand other style blogs out there, so how do I set myself apart from them? Every time someone asks me, "what makes you unique?" I just freeze up and I just hear this cricket sound in my head. So although, I have not figured this part out, I hope that doing this blog will shed some light on what truly makes me unique and will hopefully inspire other people to find themselves. 

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