Make-Up Gift Guide: Under $20

One of my friends is looking for a thoughtful, but inexpensive gift. She asked me to help her look for one and this gave me the idea to create a make-up gift guide that is under $20. Hope this helps in your quest for the perfect gift. 

 This Stila kit is a must. Every girl needs a trusty black eyeliner, rep lip color and a neutral eyeshadow.
Instead of buying branded name brush sets that never seems to last very long since you don't wash it every day. Try these brush set which is not only eco-friendly, it also has soft brushes and it comes in a nice cosmetic bag.
I like this palette because it looks presentable and you can never go wrong with a Stila palette
I think this is also an essential set. It just depends on what kind of make-up products you want to give.
5. Pixi Beauty Eye Bright Kit ($18)
Pixi is a great natural cosmetics brand. I love this product because it's multipurpose; it can conceal, highlight and brighten the eye.


  1. Stila holiday essentials is okay for me! :))

    Nice blog, care to follow each other? Let me know! :)


    1. Thank you and I would love to follow you too. Btw, I checked out your blog and I just want to say I love SaSa. It's absolutely one of the best stores and congrats on your graduation :)